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Virtual Light Blockchain[System And SubSystem]

Virtual Light Blockchain is release for replace tokenizer. And time split of AriA[Public Chain] and Imanity[Private Chain]. AriA has a system as public core base as soon Consensus updates time 20th January 2019. And For Imanity is for company Finance do with a limit system with support, sponsor, investor, and company related. AriA for the public has as bitcoin does have to the transaction between coins, or more to real currency.

AriA and Imanity have VLG support. than old tokenizer did. means more protection. If you see process below AriA/Imanity not need broadcast to the real user. When the contract happened with another owner. the chain keeps on master system and broadcaster chain is on VPS as virtual or data reader only. And Security tighter.

AriA/Imanity under MuBdI platform by the last consensus.

1. Tokenizer Shutdown at period January 25th, 2019. And replace to MuBdI n subsystem
2. Born Imanity from AriA. Imanity becomes private. Consensus 18 January Meeting - AriA general Affair
3. Remove split price on currency MYR, etc. Become 2 split AriA And Imanity. Consensus 23 January Meeting - AriA chain Expo
4. Born MuBdI Platform replaces AriA. Because of AriA not platform anymore but coin. Consensus 15 January meeting - Snow Conference
5. MuBdI has 1 new platform. Named is Center Nodes. After Bridge replace Connect. Center Nodes has more powerful than original nodes as supercomputer read/write. 1 CN can do 100k nodes.