The Goddess

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The Goddess actually doing as a helper and support Nur1Labs system on past only 1 mascot read. Now we have 6 helpers. The Goddes made by us for easy and programmed. The Goddess inspire by Anime TWGOK. And we have the copied and buying license tough.

On contradiction, we already made 6 of them. This character :
1. Ayumi[mode work mercurius]: her a job for security and network protection.
2. Kanon[mode work appolo]: her job doing auditing system.
3. Tenri[mode work diana]: her job doing a search and doing help staff.
4. Tsukiyo[mode work vulcan]: her job doing checking network and reporting if any malware and any bad program in.
5. Yui[mode work mars]: she doing outstanding helper when meeting.
6. Shiori[mode work minerva]: she is library of knowledge and information for staff[human] and Goddess self. More Shiori even Minerva mode upgrade. they will add knowledge self.
They helper than human self. But even that need person for human to care