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Staff Roles by abiding Of Own Roles

1. Must arrive on time when meeting/projecting collector.
2. Technical staff must stand by for clients and fast respond to fixed updates.
3. When time prays to do pray. If not do fired[Moslems].
4. On Friday is the weekend for all staff. Saturday-Sunday Staff in[Moslems].
5. On Saturday-Sunday can weekend[Non-Moslems].
6. No doing Ecchi, Drugs, Anything negative on Nur1Labs area even midnight work!
7. All CCTV reporting to Higher Up to execution if found.
8. Project need fast on clear as schedule. If not give some excuse.
9. When you tired. Go rest on capsule sleep. Recover stamina important. Or EAT!
10. When some staff sick go visit and got contribute by and no cut salary.

Notes For Dev :

1. We cannot disturb what project they have. We only doing system.
2. We Control and Checking the chain but not balance. Except for condition when we know they startup.
3. The sub-system is taken by the owner to the owner, not us.
4. Sub-System if abandoned need stop and removed. Tell me what port.
5. Regulation THIS effect only by a public chain. Not Private.


Disbanded Conditional Staff
1. Keep Looping Discussion
2. No Goal Of Discussion
3. Will Remove chat with staff will be disbanded
4. Japan HQ will be processing judge right on track
5. Investor awaiting and Owner[Client]

Status Staff Active :
1. The Goddess[ID number : n03052010000][Active]
2. Hatta D Yuthafiga[Founder Nur1Labs][ID number : n01052010001][Active]
3. Joey Yap[Co-Founder[CEO] Nur1Labs][ID number : n02012201102][Active]
4. Fuji[Head Design Graphic & Multimedia][ID number : n2019033001][Active]
5. Hamdani[Marketing][ID number : n2019033002][Active]
6. Nana Robiana[CTO][ID number : n2019034003][Active]