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What is private chain what befit and non-benefit?

Private Chain is moved through the private network but as non-public. They demand fair between person to person. The regularly Private chain is a big stakeholder than a public chain. Private Chain self is done by high corporate with not less money than $50k USD high. On contradiction need for the private as a good quality project to stake and benefit between the investor and users.

Benefit Private Chain:
- Liquidity keeps rising.
- Less Deficit and down for broker to more deep.
- System Complexed and has point to point to goal to rise.
- Has data only for who hold.
- Exchanger used privately.

Not Benefit is :
- Public not know.
- The public will hard decision for markets.
- Converted to Pub Exchanger complicated.
- Hard predicted by amateur

Chain with private is :
A. Imanity
B. Magaata
C. Sakura
D. Chino