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PLASTIC BANK[rTw project]

Plastic Bank is one of innovation from nur1labs impact for some is to care about the environment. An example is someone give you the trash. Then trash you got. then you give the coins.

Plastic Bank Work side:
1. Plastic Distributor[Owner rTw & Team]
2. Plastic Advisor[can be who hold rTw]

Job Plastic Distributor :
1. They did introduce how to work to advisor and introduce RTW system.
2. They need to have more coins than many. means can be 1 value trash/kg.
3. They need to be used by value kg ton, etc to calculate how many coins to distribute.
4. They need to know the capacity of recycling = value of kg/ton/etc. Means = estimate time and decrease.
do math : Coins Value = valueofkg/ton/etc - electric cost.
5. They need to have contact. For Acceptable of transaction.

Job Plastic Advisor :
1. They will collect the trash bag and give to Plastic Distributor and Advisor got coins.
2. After they got coins they need trade and calculate the value of a/bag trash.
3. They give money to who give trash as calculate same of math calculate:
money = coin value * /bag trash
coin value = broker value + 0.05$[tip for keep]
4. They need to calculate bag and bring some for 1 bag value before giving money.
5. They can have collector trash for per giving a person by his value[self math]

this Life Circle rTw :
Rtw lifecircle.png

Standard Number : nur00812TTdata00F00P02