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This Privacy And Policy Nur1Labs

Nur1Labs contract project and NOT made project!so read carefully.

On AriA

1. No used for Gamble or any negative content as we responsible for AriA team to do maintaining on!
2. Check every submitter ICO and reject to prevent HALAL system[doc 18, Dubai Al Barsha]. We make sure delegates of investor Arabian for not down.
3. Check Regular system from the buyer on Japan roles to restricted any aria selling for Condom or anything bad used. Reputation Of Delegate Dubai CryptoExchange Point 12.
4. Check any system Of AriA Bridge to secure any transaction for harming the system and out of used.
5. Holder And Owner ICO need a report to System[Nur1Labs] to do meeting regularly as Arabian Delegation CryptoExchange Point 60.
6. Every Sub-System must follow AriA system. If we detect that system not used halal we remove chain!
7. Auditing Fork is for existing coins is alive or not. If there chain dead we put as suspend chain product or will be claimed by Nur1Labs team and if owner wanna taken back. they need a fee to pay us!
8. Exchanger needs to AriA. Or we cannot be maintaining. means excluded from AriA Chain!

Any question we point of later of Documents print out for this as we primary Arabian Investment!

be aware of Staff not read will be Fired from Nur1Labs On System Nur1Labs self

1. Nur1Labs not responsible lost and owner project irresponsible[all aspect].
2. Nur1Labs care chain so not dead but will long test after next leading of one staff and will become a private chain.
3. The contractor cannot roles Nur1Labs. if this cause makes bad for Nur1Labs we make a blacklist of it.
4. Nur1Labs already professional on technology sided so no one of us tries does break project state.
5. Costumer Project cannot complain to Nur1Labs as we just doing services of technology.
6. Law Of Nur1Labs is pointed out by Government agreement and settlement so if anything suspicious act we report to the government. Like Corruptor, Drunk Distributor, or Drugs + Terrorism.
7. Nur1Labs agreement of changes of Roles by Nur1Labs self and no interrupted by government self.
8. Nur1Labs can be kick off any staff bad for Nur1Labs to grow.
9. The Judgement of fair of Nur1Labs staff by fair The Goddess Law.
10. Nur1Labs will protect any leaked info on Nur1Labs.

From your Founder[Hatta Yuthafiga]