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Disclaimer Of Nur1Labs And Apostle

1. Nur1Labs cannot be reported as reading rules of Nur1Labs
2. Nur1Labs does not have an impact on roles with client and customer client.
3. Nur1Labs has responsibility for process and result. Not Success or Fail some project.
4. Nur1Labs for entertainment side mus long time contract be rejected.
5. Nur1Labs has an ability to abandoned project and claiming asset for deflation.
6. Nur1Labs does not gain profit self but with project support fully if there long contract.
7. Nur1Labs must do together between division to division to Solving problems.
8. Nur1Labs no has major to broken Law.
9. Nur1Labs will be reporting if found illegal project to Law Advisor if there founded.
10. Nur1Labs is born from Idea 2010 and realizes at 2011. With history
11. Nur1Labs has the power to judge staff self for backstabbing. Real
12. Nur1Labs has legality agreement of any legal compliment law.