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Place And Country has Nodes MuBdI blockchain

Top Imanity Nodes

Unit Arab Emirates : 17863 Nodes
Saudi Arabia : 54026 Nodes
Brunei Darusallam : 5445 Nodes
Oman : 35 Nodes
Yaman : 25 Nodes
Bhrain : 15 Nodes

Vietnam : 5 Nodes
Afganistan : 5 Nodes
India : 3 Nodes
Indonesia : 1 Nodes

Imanity MN Status

Unit Arab Emirates : 5 MN
Saudi Arabia : 2 MN

Imanity CN Status

Unit Arab Emirates : 7 CN
Saudi Arabia : 4 CN
Turkey : 2 CN
Japan : 5 CN
Malaysia : 1 CN
Qatar : 2 CN
Russia : 2 CN[new]
Egypt : 2 CN[new]
Iraq : 1 CN[new]

Top AriA Nodes

Malaysia : 1 Nodes

MuBdI Nodes[Private/Public]

Name Coins Owner Version Web Wallet Explorer Github X64 Release X32 Release Exchanger Status Nodes Status MN Status CN
Imanity IM Hatta D Yuthafiga MuBdI None None None None None None Private 77409 Online 2 Online 26 Online
AriA AR Hatta D Yuthafiga MuBdI None None None None Link Forking Forking 50 Online 1 Online 1 Online
Recycle RTW Danilo MuBdI Here Here <a href=""></a> Here Link Upgrading Upgrading 3 Online 1 Offline 1 Offline
Fruit FRU Alexander AriA None Here <a href=""></a> Here Here Here None 3 Offline
Shiawase SHI Cryptopool AriA None <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> Here Here Here None 1 Offline
Narcoin NRC Michael MuBdI Here Here <a href=""></a> None Link Not Yet Not Yet 1 Online 1 Online 1 Online

MuBdI Spec[Private/Public]

Name Coins Owner Version Algo Supply Type
Imanity IM Hatta D Yuthafiga MuBdI MuBdI 500.000 Auto-Generated[Artificial]
AriA AR Hatta D Yuthafiga MuBdI MuBdI 1.481.510 Auto-Generated[Artificial]
Recycle RTW Danilo MuBdI MuBdI 500.000.000 PoW/PoS
Narcoin NRC Michael MuBdI MuBdI 300.000.000 PoW/PoS

MuBdI Notes

Node Indicator

Purple : Private Chain
Green : Public Chain
Red : Suspend Chain

Host Indicator

Host Offline : Maintenance Host

Online Indicator

Red : Offline
Orange : Partial Online
Green : Online

Wallet Indicator

Orange : Forking
Blue : Upgrading

MuBdI Type

Central Nodes : Central Nodes Running as mainly cores for produced blockchain. CN aka Central Nodes running only on Nur1Labs.LTD servers. CN as system nodes base multi nodes inside. With more transaction and has Artificial system based of auto mining system by generate of self-blockchain. The CN or central nodes has 100k Transaction on v2 than old 10k per transaction loaded. Central Nodes faster generate with payment of 10k/coin[One Time Payment]
Master Nodes : Master Nodes is running as MN usual from dash,etc. Payout Need : 10k.
Token Nodes : Base token of nodes. They used for utility. And token nodes cannot doing mine, post etc just transaction only on function.
Broadcast Nodes : System broadcast. Nodes with broadcast is like antena of radio. But similarities of Router Or Lan on network. Broadcast nodes is distribute the nodes. Every broadcast nodes sync with broadcast nodes. Broadcast nodes no need payment just installer. Can do pos or mode mine. Nodes : Original Nodes running for general used/public ones.