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This Main Character Plot Story

Sora. He is diligent smart and make amazing idea on school.
Shiro. She shy but top on class. She lost battle with sora. And become follower and lover soon.
Luna. She appear on first chapter as princess side. She lost with sora and become follower and lover soon. But always has jealous side.
Maya. She appear after some long chapter as tell sora to step back. She explain about queen tree of school. Soon after lose battle she become lover and follower. She acknowledge him as great harem king.
Hina. She is tomboy side but can drop kick off sora. But when battle she lost. She promise become follower but soon become lover. She has dere side.
Aqua. She always clumsy on sport but the most diligent on student. She appear at library. Soon after that the long battle of Sora. He trouble deal with her move but when she know it she lost. She become follower and lover soon. And said he must always go to library to become smart.
I. She is the mysterious woman appear on the longest chapter. She always acknowledge of Sora and tell to all student. He is become great unbalance queen. As last queen she more smart move. But on lost after know sora has hidden moves. She soon become cuddle thing. Sora shock she is loli.

Age : 17th
Hair Color : Dark
Eyes : Dark
Hobby : What made interested
Skill : All thing about unknow people to learn
Class : 1F

Age : 17th
Hair Color : White
Eyes : Blue
Hobby : Gardening
Skill : Fast Respond
Class : 1A

Age : 17th
Hair Color : Blonde
Eyes : Red
Hobby : Make Tea Party every afternoon
Skill : Control Student Brain
Class : 1A