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Auction Chain is new features from nur1labs by taken ownership from the old chain. So they can be taken by half to half asset cut. This makes the old network removed from our database.

This Simple Auction Chain:


How To become Auctioneer :
1. The owner must bid the price chain for taken and will on bid between the owner. If just one then the winner already.
2. The owner who follows not has related with bitcoin chain.
3. The owner who taken must follow rules on how to take chain.
4. The owner must follow Nur1Labs rules.
5. The Owner must not have criminal notes[mean scam etc].

Benefit :
1. They just can make own subsystem and this makes easy than token.
2. They can rebuild as the coin name brand etc.
3. They can have a high price value than bitcoin has.
4. They can build a subsystem under a Nur1Labs feature.
5. Benefit each company.

F.A.Q[Coming Soon]

Chain with auction status :
A. Nourin[nr2][Taken by RtW]