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MuBdI. The Accelerator For Algo Machine!

Algorithm: MuBdI-Code

Cross Chain
MuBdIhas a system called Cross Chain. So every chain can move easily and can swap faster. This in case someone has exchanger can add more Chain than used for manual adding!

Stability Of Rewarded block
This important to make block orphaned for while by solving Algorithm by depending on platform and MuBdI working behind to make reward not orphaned. and possible 0.xxxx. and MuBdI make some block put on safety reward.

Difficulty Control
Because MuBdI is any platform compatibility. MuBdI can slow and begin of Difficulty change by System Control Difficulty Consensus. SCDC will detect every difficult of Chain or will be down or up for while. Stable on any condition used by network faster.

Support Each Sub-Chain[ICO]
Better than any platform. MuBdI support sub-chain to keep alive and updates on second faster.

Light Fork
Faster fork between chain to repair, rebuild and broadcasting trough system clone.

Stay Longer Chain
When the owner abandoned the project. Here MuBdI keep alive for updates and in no time alive for blockchain not stuck anymore.

Durability Attacker
Attack of network make worse and it comes off in no time. Used MuBdI the network of attack will decrease around 99% attack. make slow of attack after high detect of block, difficulty, hash. with high tech MuBdI block even with start is gotten high. MuBdI make sure press attack until 0.

Machine Algo
Compress difficulty by less that 0.000xxxxxx for slow hash and not trouble for weak miner